Latvian large families provided tablets by Samsung

Samsung Electronics Baltics has provided support to Latvian large families with many children that need to ensure that all of their children are able to learn remotely at the same time. Samsung would also like to invite other companies to help those who face hard times due to COVID-19 pandemics.

In cooperation with the Union of Latvian Large Families Associations (ULLFA), Samsung has delivered more than 70 tablets to large families in Rīga, Liepāja, Ozolnieki, Stopiņi municipality, Vecumnieki municipality and Kuldīga municipality. The support was provided to ensure that these households have enough smart devices for all schoolchildren residing in them to remotely study at the same time.

“We have just one computer at home, and it is difficult, when children have to take turns to connect to remote learning facilities. It is made even more difficult by the fact that I can do my work only after eight in the evening, i.e. when my first, second and sixth grader have done their homework,” explains a mother of a large family that chose to remain anonymous.

“As families represented by our union have more than one school age child, and sometimes even 3 or 4, additional devices are really needed during this time. Tablets make life much easier for the children and their parents,” adds Leonīds Mucenieks, the Chairman of ULLFA.

“Provision of support seemed just natural to us at this moment. We would like to invite other companies to listen to those who ask for help to become stronger together. It can be done by all of us individually, as good will cannot be measured in numbers. All goods deeds matter during such worrisome time,” underlines Līga Bite, the Head of Corporate Communications, Samsung Electronics Baltics.

In additional to supporting large families, Samsung also responded to an online plea from the Latvian Emergency Medical Service and helped Riga Region COVID-19 testing tents by delivering microwave ovens for doctors, nurses and technicians to have warm meals. Furthermore, to care for employee health, the regular physiotherapy classes are now available online, and vitamin supplements have been sent to employee homes to boost their immunity.

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