Kata Gyurko, president of Hungarian Large Families Association: "This is the time to show how important family is”

The president of Hungarian Large Families Association – NOE, Katalin Kardosné Gyurkó, has shared her thoughts in an interview (vasarnap.hu) on the effects of coronavirus threat on our lives, on the power of faith and last but not least on the importance of family.

The most relevant issue is to keep in mind that this is neither a film, nor a play but reality itself happening to us and everyone around us.

“We should realise that this is about our lives and the lives of the ones we deeply love. Anything else could result from this serious recognition, otherwise we lose the possibility to survive. This true recognition is the only one that counts” – she says.

Families are at home, family members are in constant close contact with one another. The importance of family is powerfully perceived this way. Friends and other acquaintances can only be contacted online. However relevant it is to keep in touch it is the family that can give us EVERYTHING significant: security, friendship, love and care. This is not just a slogan as some might have thought, but reality itself that unfolds now in front of our eyes.

The president of NOE claims that the same goes for the community of our nation. “The common goal is vital for all of us. We can only face the crisis by cooperation and by following the necessary safety measures to survive the coronavirus threat with the least possible losses. Besides family and the nation, faith is there in our lives with all its mighty power.”

Nice initiative: Large families of NOE sung together online the hymn of the association encouraging families in front the challenges of these days


The situation in Hungary during Covid-19 pandemy

16th March 2020 onwards, restrictions on movement have been introduced. Schools were closed and online learning has been introduced for pupils and students. Employees whose job makes it possible to work from home (in the form of home-office) can do so with the approval of their employers.

News in brief – 6th April, 2020

Latest statistics of Hungary:

The number of confirmed people infected with the coronavirus in Hungary now stands at 744. In compulsory home quarantine: 14,325. Recovered: 67. Deceased: 38.

People must observe restrictions on movement even in hot weather

The Operational Group today warned Budapest residents to observe restrictions on leaving their homes in order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Orbán announces five new economy protection programs

In a brief video statement on public television on 6th April, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced the launch of five new programs, focused on protecting Hungary’s economy. “We will create as many jobs as the epidemic destroys,” he said.

More medical equipment arrived in Budapest

Hungary received some 4 million face masks, more than 400,000 protective suits, 100,000 protective goggles, 30,000 pairs of gloves and more than 6,000 protective visors in consignments flown to Budapest from China on 4th April.

Further news at http://abouthungary.hu/

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