Italy: Resolutions for Family and Birth Support

In Campania, a regional plan was approved allocating 30 million euros to aid in supporting birthrates and families

By Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Numerose

This morning at 11:00 a.m. in the Campania Region, together with the president of the Campania Episcopal Conference, Msgr. Di Donna, the Bishop in charge of Family Pastoral Care Msgr. Lagnese assisted by Fr. Gianni Branco, the referent of Regional Caritas Fr. Carmine Schiavone, the referent for the Social Pastoral Care of Labor Fr. Giuseppe Autorino, the referent of Lay Aggregations Dr. Mario Di Costanzo, and the referent of the Forum of Family Associations of the Campania Region Dr. Gianni Branco. Mario Di Costanzo, and President of the Forum of Family Associations of the Campania Region Nino Di Maio, all together in the coordination called Campania in Dialogue, met with President Vincenzo De Luca.

This meeting comes after three years of work that the Forum, which coordinates Campania in Dialogue, having heard the Presidents of the 30 Regional Associations that make up the Forum and all the others, have launched a proposal for a Law in support of Natality and Family. Today the first piece was laid with the resolution of the Regional Council that allocated the first 30 million euros on the issue, an important figure on 5 points that we shared this morning.

“This Resolution is important and innovative, marking an important step towards a regional, concrete law on the issue of birth rates, given the worrying data in our Region. We have reiterated to President De Luca that this is only the starting point of a long path, which must see everyone working together to serve the Families and Children of Campania. The centrality of children, as everyone’s resource, as a common good, is recognized today, but the fundamental role of Families is also recognized, something we experienced during COVID 19. The Family is the solution to the problems.” Forum President Nino Di Maio said during the meeting.

The measures adopted with the Council Resolution concern the issue of Family Work Reconciliation with an allocation of 10 million euros starting from giving without ISEE a €600 voucher to every second born to buy childcare goods, babysitting service and more to support mothers, given the unemployment rate of women much more in Campania. Another point in the resolution concerns specialized medical expenses for our children up to a maximum of €500 one-time. Still there is a major investment in daycare centers, Family Foster Care, Adoptions and bigenitorial care.

This resolution of the Council, thanks also to the efforts of Dr. Roberto Bafundi, INPS director for the Metropolitan City of Naples, is the starting point for the next Regional Law to support the Family and Natality. We have given our willingness to implement this rule together with the Campania Region, a willingness accepted by President De Luca, certainly to reverse the demographic trend, we need years and planning, this measure is an important building block to begin.

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