Italy: Family-friendly footpaths. Agreement between the Province, the natural parks and the Trentino Tourist Board

Trentino is one of the promotors of the Italian Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities, together with the Large Families Association of Italy.

The area’s voluntary agreement has been approved by the Provincial Government, which kicks off a broad and articulated project in the territory of the Autonomous Province of Trento (Italy). The aim of the agreement is to transform the province of Trento into an area that is increasingly family-friendly. 

The protocol is based on three pillars: an initial mapping of the existing family trail network in Trentino, making the most of the experiences already gained in the Val Rendena family district and in the Primiero Family Green district; sensitization of the institutions regarding the project which is able to increase the tourist and economic attractiveness and social cohesion of the territory; create the so-called “Design for all”, i.e. a classification of the various paths to orient the recipients according to age, especially in the younger ones.

“Family-friendly footpaths is the goal we set ourselves with this new project, which aims to make Trentino an inclusive territory, which embraces everyone, starting with families, but also the weakest users such as the elderly and the disabled We want to transform the provincial trail network into inclusive and accessible paths even by the most fragile categories”, with these words the councilor for health, social policies, disability and family, Stefania Segnana, commented on the resolution approved by the executive.

Who are the actors in play? With the general coordination of the Agency for social cohesion of the Autonomous Province of Trento, they are: the Sustainable Development and Protected Areas Service (promoter of the Natura 2000 Network), the Tourism and Sport Service, the UMSE Disability and social-health integration of the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, the Stelvio National Park – Trentino, the Paneveggio – Pale di San Martino Natural Park, the Municipality of Pinzolo (lead institution of the Val Rendena family district), the Community of Primiero (institution leader of the Green del Primiero family District), the Tourist Promotion Company of Madonna di Campiglio.

This is a voluntary area agreement, which will be signed shortly between the various parties involved, with the aim of:

  • Carry out a census and enhance the network of family footpaths starting from the one already existing in Trentino on the basis of the experiences gained in the Val Rendena family district and in the Family Green district of Primiero.
  • “Design for all”: classification of paths to facilitate their use by the widest variety of subjects, different from each other in terms of perceptive, motor and cognitive abilities.
  • Raise the awareness of institutional interlocutors and civil society on the issues of family well-being, in the belief that an inclusive and “family-friendly” territory is able to strengthen social cohesion and express greater potential for social, cultural and economic development as well as territorial attractiveness.

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