International Day of Families for the first time celebrated Online with bonfires in Latvia

This year for the first time because of the spread of Covid-19 in the world and also in Latvia, on May 15 the Latvian Large Families Associations organized Zoom conference to celebrate this day. The participants of this meeting were all the members of Union of Large Families Associations ULLFA who greeted each other with warm words, performances and bonfires. With this first online pilot event, the ULLFA is launching a project supported by the Society Integration Foundation, which will allow families to meet online this year while face-to-face meetings are limited.

There was also a photo contest announced dedicated to the International Day of Families where families had to capture their greetings by a real or an improvised bonfire. The winner of the contest was Jostmanu family from Liepaja, association “Dekla” with a beautiful photo on the seaside. The second price was given to Plavinu family from Stopini, association “Mara”. All the pictures were wonderful and deserved a price, so you can see and appreciate them all here.

Here you can also see pictures of the gatherings from the International Day of Families celebrations in the previous years.

On this day also the leaders of the European Large Families Confederation ELFAC exchanged they greetings online, same as they had the opportunity to see the Families day bonfire from Latvia online for the first time. You can read more about it here.

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