Greece: Incentives for Another Child

By Ekathimerini

While the figures from the registry authorities show that 2024 will set a new low in the number of births, the government is currently looking for measures that will strengthen the policy which is summed up by the “one more child” motto.

The risk is that 2024 will be the year when, for the first time in the country’s modern history, fewer than 70,000 babies will be born in Greece – only 28,500 births have been recorded in the first five months. The state wants to extend a helping hand to families who already have children and give them strong incentives to have more. 

On the table is increasing the child benefit (which has been stagnant for so many years it has lost its appeal due to inflation), further strengthening tax credits for parents with children, providing strong tax incentives for businesses to ensure facilities for working parents, the preferential treatment of large families in housing acquisition programs, as well as the provision of more privileges to those with three children.

The plans are already on the table and the final decisions will be made in the summer, always taking into account the country’s fiscal capacity.

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