In Ascoli Piceno the 6th Convention of the Italian Network

The sixth Convention of the Network Family in Italy entitled “Municipal policies for the well-being of the family” was held in Ascoli Piceno.

Guests Rossella Rega, Director of the government’s family department, Diodato Pirone, journalist of Il Messaggero, author of an interesting book that analyzes the theme of demographics in Italy.

The administrators of Ascoli, Andalo, Castel Nuovo Cilento and Ozieri illustrated the Family Plans put in place in their municipalities and their effects on the territory. The Regions of Sardinia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont and Umbria were present and, following the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Autonomous Province of Trento, launched strategies for the development of the Network and certification of the Municipalities.

Luciano Malfer, director of the Agency for social cohesion of the Autonomous Province of Trento highlighted the key points of the process, the goals achieved and the prospects for future development.

The Network coordinators Mauro Ledda and Filomena Cappiello spoke about the public value of horizontal subsidiarity, underlining the paradigm that distinguishes the process, identifying families as a fundamental community resource to be supported, promoted and valued and highlighted how

the application of the principle of subsidiarity has been the driving force of the Network which today has 159 participating municipalities throughout Italy. In the foreground is the role of our association, represented not only by the coordinators of the Network, but also by the regional coordinators Paolo and Angela Campoli and by Marco and Grazia Galie, the family delegated for the Network project for the Marche Region.

“Associations represent the highest form of generativity of the family, the social space through which families exercise their social responsibility and public citizenship in the most effective way” underlined the coordinators, highlighting how Anfn was decisive for the birth and growth of the Network.

A precious opportunity to discuss municipal policies for the well-being of the family, to exchange good practices and share horizons and perspectives.

A special tribute to Loreta Meledina, young municipal councilor of Ozieri, recent graduate with a thesis on Municipalities friends of the family, present in Ascoli to tell the path of her municipality towards obtaining the brand and illustrate the rich Plan of interventions on policies family members.

Next Convention in Trieste in May 2024.

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