From Poland and Spain to Trento: The European Network starts its training

European Network of Family Friendly Municipalities: The Province of Trento hosted its first international study visit

Delegations from Poland and from Spain attended  on the 24 and 25 of September the study visit organized by Elfac and the Family Agency to learn more about the family quality certification process and criteria, the new public family management and the best practices which are developed in Trentino.

In the Polish delegation were Krzyszstof Soska, vice mayor of Szezcin,  Beata Pulawaska, of the municipality of Polkowice, Marta Giezek (Chitchy), Irena Jesmanowicz, of the Polish large family association 3Pluz. The Spanish delegation consisted of Jose Trigo, vice president of the Spanish large families federation, and Jose Antonio Herrando, director of FEFN

Wellcomed by mrs Paola Borz, director of  Trento School of Management,  Luciano Malfer, director of the Family Agency and Regina Maroncelli, president of Elfac, the two delegations attended an intense day of training, while the second day was devoted to visiting a family District in Pergine Val Sugana, the MUSE museum the first museum to obtain the “family friendly “ certification, the antiques instrument museum in Borgo, the new swimming pools complex of the Valley, the Youth centre, the baby little home and the Family Center of Pergine, a “family friendly certificated municipality close to Trento.

The visit raised great interest among the participants, committed in the project of establishing national network of family friendly municipalities in their Countries in order to spread and enforce family policies for the wellness of families  and the social and economic development of their territories.  

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