Family activities during festivities of Pozoblanco (Córdoba, Spain)

During these days, we have experienced the festivities of our patron saint, the Virgen de Luna, in Pozoblanco. It is a festival that will soon be declared of cultural interest.

By Lola García, municipal counsellor for families

For three days, we received more than 800 children at the tourist office to give them a “hornazo”, consisting of a sugar cake with a wafer of the Virgin of Luna, chocolate and an orange. All these children came with a drawing that we asked them to draw on a template that we distributed to all the schools and we decorated the walls of our office with all the drawings we received (see pictures below).

On the other hand, for two days, and to keep alive the activity of drumming, which consists of drumming in all the houses of the brothers and sisters of the Virgen de Luna, the Department of Tourism has distributed more than 500 units of drums. The children, accompanied by parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, picked up their drums and walked drumming through all the houses of the brotherhood.

Two activities involving children living in Pozoblanco and families from other municipalities who have spent these days with us.

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