Europe's demographic winter

Table of contents

  • Zdzisław Krasnodębski, Demographic challenge for Europe. (Introduction from the Co-Chair of the ECR Working Group on Demography)
  • Gunnar Heinsohn, Eastern Europe and the global war for talent
  • Tymoteusz Zych, Olaf Szczypiński, Family and parenthood in policy documents of the EU and its Member States
  • Gérard-François Dumont, Family policies & Europe’s demographic future
  • Johannes Resch, Can the German social system be a model for Europe?
  • Herwig Birg, Is immigration a solution to Europe’s demographic problems?
  • Dimiter Philipov, Demographic changes in Central and Eastern Europe
  • David Coleman, The effect of population upon politics

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Report by ECR (European Conservative and Reformist Group, European Parliament) Working Group on Demography, Intergenerational and Family Policies.

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