European Large Families Confederation Survey on the Conditions and Policies regarding Large Families

By Pau Serra del Pozo, Livia Sz. Oláh and Iwona Sztajner

The European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC) was a civil society partner in the FamiliesAndSocieties consortium. It gathers large families associations and federations across Europe. In 2015 ELFAC launched a European-wide on-line survey on the living conditions of large families. Over 7800 large families participated.

This working paper describes the contents of the survey and provides some basic results. The objectives of the survey were two-fold:

1) To shed more light on a family type that is little known in Europe, the large families (their structure and how they live, some of their motivations for having three or more children, etc.);

2) To assess whether family policies meet the need of large families. The main findings have also been reflected upon in the FamiliesAndSocieties Policy recommendations report, informing national, regional and local governments as well as the EU in order to facilitate evidence-based policy making.

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