European Commission Report on the Impact of Demographic Change in Europe

The European Commission has adopted its first-ever Report on the Impact of Demographic Change. It presents the drivers of this long-term change and the impact it is having across Europe. It also highlights the links between demographic structures and the impact and recovery potential from the crisis.

Vice President for Democracy and Demography, Dubravka Šuica, said: “The crisis has exposed many vulnerabilities, some of which are linked to the profound demographic change already affecting our societies and communities across Europe. This double challenge must help shape the way we think about healthcare, welfare, public budgets and public life in the next decades. It must help us tackle issues such as access to services, community care and even loneliness. This is ultimately about the way we live together. Addressing demographic change is key to building a fairer and more resilient society.”

The report kick-starts the work on impacts of demographic change

The report shows long-term demographic trends in Europe’s regions – from longer life expectancy, to lower birth rates, ageing societies, smaller households and increasing urbanisation. It also shows Europe’s declining share of global population – expected to account for less than 4% of the world’s population by 2070. The report illustrates the considerable differences in demographic change across regions, as well as the need to address its impact on growth and sustainability, employment, health and long-term care in different parts of Europe.

The report kick-starts this Commission’s work in this area and will help identify how the people, regions and communities most affected can best be supported. It will notably provide the foundation for the upcoming Green Paper on Ageing and Long-term Vision for Rural Areas.

The report is complemented with country fact sheets and a full statistical breakdown, which can be found on the Commission’s new dedicated webpage on demography.

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