European Commission: The impact of demographic change in Europe

Dealing with the demographic transition, drivers of change and impact across Europe

The Commission 2023 Report on the Impact of Demographic Change revisits firmly established long-term trends in light of a number of recent developments and considers the consequences across Europe.

Demographic change has a powerful impact on our economies, welfare and health systems, budgets, housing and infrastructure needs. Understanding the causes of demographic transitions allows us to better manage their consequences and prepare for the future.

Published in conjunction with the Commission Communication on Harnessing Talent in Europe‚Äôs Regions, the 2023 Report on the Impact of Demographic Change provides an overview of both long-term demographic trends as well as more recent disruptions caused by sudden crises.

In particular, the report shows that while Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Russian military aggression against Ukraine had an impact on demographic trends in the EU, some of those trends are already resuming.

The report also discusses the challenges brought about by the demographic transitions. They include an ageing as well as declining population, and a shrinking working-age population, but also increasing territorial disparities, including a growing urban-rural divide.

The picture is not the same in every country and every region. Although the European population is ageing as a whole, other demographic developments are far from uniform, with considerable variations both between and within individual EU countries.

The report stresses that to ensure future prosperity and well-being in the EU, it is crucial to address the challenges triggered by the demographic transition.

At the same time, it is to be acknowledged as a remarkable societal achievement that people are living longer and healthier lives, which also brings opportunities for active ageing, continued personal development and new economic dynamics, including in the silver economy.

Based on contributions from the Joint Reasearch Center and Eurostat, the 2023 report is a follow up to the Commission Demography Report published in 2020.

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