Estonia: Campaign for a family-friendly catering establishment

For the second year in a row, the Estonian Association of Large Families launched a campaign for a family-friendly catering establishment to recognize all restaurants and cafés across Estonia that pay attention to families with children on a daily basis

“Gone are the days when the food was made family-friendly by french fries and a large playroom. Family-friendly still starts with a smile, a kind word and empathy. With the label, we want to find all food places that struggle with small cute details, be it food, developing activity kits for children or immediate service to make eating out a memorable experience for the whole family, both mother and father, “said Aage Õunap, President of the Estonian Association of Families with Children. .

All restaurants and cafés all over Estonia that see families with children as a specific customer segment are welcome to apply for the Family Friendly Food Label. Families with children in Estonia will find out worthy places to eat by April.

“In order for us to put all the places worthy of a family-friendly label on the card, we ask for the help of families with children. We are waiting for you with recommendations for places where you can have a positive experience with your family, “Õunap added.

The application for restaurants is open until February 28, you can register on this page . Family-friendly restaurants are asked to report on the Family-Friendly Dining Facebook page .

The Family-Friendly Food Label will be issued for the second time this year. In 2021, 19 restaurants across Estonia were awarded the label: Allee Restaurant, Babyback Ribs & BBQ, GoSpa Restaurant, Café Julius, Café Spargel, Lore Bistro, Lucca Restaurant, Mack Bar-B-Que Beachclub, Mack Bar-B-Que Mustamäe Center, Mack Bar-B-Que White House, Noarootsi Lokaal, Restaurant Nero, Restaurant Pann & Kook, Ristorante Flavore, Rohuaia Café, Saaremaa Veski, Snoob Resto, Tulivee Restaurant and Ugandi Resto. The restaurant Lucca in Tabasalu and the GoSpa restaurant in Saaremaa were highlighted as family favorites.

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