ELFAC is partipating in the international 'Covid-19 Family Life' study

The COVID-19 Family Life Study is an international research study that explores the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on family life across. The study is the first of its kind, looking to get in-depth information about the kinds of challenges faced by parents and children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The research will focus on families with children and will track patterns of symptoms, causes, and risk factors of mental health in parents during the COVID-19 crisis  and examine how well families are coping during this crisis. The researchers are particularly interested in the experiences of parents during the coronavirus pandemic and  parents’ needs for support services during the coronavirus pandemic.

The study will be conducted in 40 countries across Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. Comparison with other countries’ responses will allow researchers to better understand the role of local policies and cultural meanings and practices that shape individuals’ responses to and experiences of the pandemic.

Raul Sanchez , secretary general of ELFAC, is coordinating the participation of the 22 European countries where associations of ELFAC are present. Associations are colaborating with translations and dissemination of the survey.

Regina Florio , President of ELFAC said that “during the lockdown many families were amazed and happy to discover that – even if the conditions were negative- they were enjoying staying together, taking time for each other, enjoying each other’s company. But it has not been easy: there were many difficulties for large families, as buying food, living together all the day in small houses without an open air space, following the school of children by internet with few resources and time, problems to conciliate family and work, etc.”. She added that “we need the cooperation of the Academia to know better the consequences of the pandemic and to be better prepared if it will last longer”.

In the same line, Dr. Anis Ben Brik, associate professor at HBKU college of Public Policy, said: “I’m delighted to be launching this research project, which we hope will have important insights for policy-makers not only about how families are coping with the current pandemic, but how better to plan for future pandemics too.”

You can answer the survey here (you can also choose your language)

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