ELFAC attended the Budapest Demographic Summit III

Four representatives of ELFAC (Regina Maroncelli, Raul Sanchez, Leonids Muceniek and Kata Gyurko) will give a speech in this important Conference where politicians, experts and civil society will discuss about the demographic winter, the efectiveness of the different amily policies and the role of families.

“After 2015 and 2017, the Budapest Demographic Summit (5th and 6th September, Budapest) will beheld for the third time as a prestigious international forum that gives an opportunity for political actors, decision-makers, church and civilian leaders and representatives of the scientific community to share their ideas and experiences with each other.

Demographic processes fundamentally determine our future. Overpopulation and the threat of the disappearance of shrinking and aging nations create challenges for our communities; therefore demographic issues need to be discussed openly.

At the turn of the 20th and 21th centuries we face an unprecedented phenomenon: certain nations seem to have renounced their future. Not enough children are born, cradles are empty. In other parts of the world demographic growth takes place: several nations double or even multiply their population in just a few decades. There are those, who see an opportunity in these parallel processes and would channel the demographic surplus of the thriving nations to countries with shrinking population. However, there are those – among them Hungary – who say that they are capable of changing these trends and bringing an end to population decline relying on their own resources. This is a difficult challenge that requires strong families and an effective family policy.”

With this objective, presented on the summit website, politicians, experts and representatives of civil society, from Europe, America and Africa, met in Budapest on 5 and 6 September.

Among the speakers, four representatives of large family associations had the opportunity to present the needs and proposals for an effective family policy: Regina Maroncelli, president of ELFAC, Raul Sanchez, secretary general of ELFAC, Leonids Mucenieks, member of the ELFAC Board and president of the Latvian association, and Kata Gyurko, president of NOE, the association of large families in Hungary.

At the end we had the opportunity to present a bouquet of flowers to Katalin Novak, Minister of Family and Youth of the Hungarian Government, on the occasion of her birthday. She has been the president and main promoter of this meeting, which every year has greater participation and influence.

The conclusions were very clear in all the presentations: if we want to face the demographic winter, we need to support and strengthen families. And this means, in addition to providing resources and services, creating a “family-friendly” culture in all areas of society.

All the information about this important event can be found on https://bdselsoacsalad.hu/en


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