ELFAC asks UN to take in consideration specific needs of large families in the SDG

Statement of ELFAC has been approved and published by the United Nations for the 61 session of the Commission for Social Development

The priority theme of the 61 session, which will take place from February 6 to 15, 2024 in conference room 4 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York., is “Creating full and productive employment and decent work for all as a way of overcoming inequalities to accelerate the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

ELFAC, an organization in consultative status with UN, sent a statement on the topic under the title “Large Families and Social Development and Justice”, which was approved and published as an official document for the session.

The statement highlights that particular needs of Large Families (with 3 and more dependent children) should be taken into consideration in the greater discussion of Sustainable Development and in particular in the eradication of poverty (SDG1), but also SDG.n.3, n.4, n.5, n. 7, n. 10, n.11, n. 12, n.13 and n.16. The number of children in a given household should not be a matter of inequity, discrimination, or differential access to resources.

Large families face higher risk of child poverty wherein a double or single income is spread across a larger household; therefore, children of larger families are more constrained economically than those with fewer siblings. According ELFAC’s contribution, understanding the positive societal contributions of large families is important in contextualizing the necessity of their protection. The statement finished with five specific proposals.

You can read the full official document below:

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