ELFAC and its European Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities in the UN Secretary-General report

The report of the UN Secretary General on “Implementation of the objectives of the International Year of the Family and its follow-up processes” was presented in response to Resolution 73/144 of the UN General Assembly, focuses on the latest family policy trends, in particular those related to social protection and equality, work-life balance and homelessness in families. 

Among the good practices of national and local governments, United Nations entities and civil society, the report dedicates the paragraph 67 to ELFAC. In particular, it describes ELFAC’s commitment to the wellbeing of families and its role in the creation, together with the Autonomous Province of Trento, of the European Network of Family Friendly Municipalities, in order “to create a favourable cultural, social and economic environment, welcoming and attractive for families with children in Europe” – the report states – “the Network is building an alliance between civil society, municipalities and the private sector to build with European institutions and promote a holistic approach to family policies”.

Through membership of the network, concludes the report, the Network promotes the introduction and maintenance of quality services and benefits for families, actions for work-life balance, encourages policies of Youth transition and promotes the exchange of good practices.

“We are very proud of this that we consider a real recognition of the goodness of the project of the Network of European Family Friendly Municipalities. The words “family-friendly” are quite new in the vocabulary of the United Nations and this is an important sign of the new attitude towards what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights defines as the fundamental nucleus of human society, the family”, says Regina Maroncelli, president of ELFAC. “The report marks a precise turning point also thanks to its conclusions and recommendations: the family is recognized as a key player in the implementation of the Agenda 2030 for global development; and governments are called upon to invest in family programmes and policies”.

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