Castellón (Spain) celebrates its first Family Festival

The Councilor for Family and Childhood, Alberto Vidal, presents the 1st Family Festival that will take place on May 18 with the aim of highlighting the fundamental role of the family in society and placing it at the center of municipal public policies

Vidal explained that “this day will be an opportunity for families to enjoy together and spend a pleasant day in a training environment.” The councilor has also indicated that “the actions that will be carried out will be in line with highlighting that the family is the first space where fundamental virtues such as respect, responsibility or solidarity are learned, which are fundamental in various educational areas. and social”.

With the aim of encouraging the participation of all families in Castellón, the Department of Family and Children has prepared a series of dynamic and educational activities that range from interactive workshops to training talks given by experts related to the family environment. In addition, recreation and entertainment spaces have been coordinated for all ages, thus promoting the integration and strengthening of the family as a fundamental pillar of society.

The day has been organized in collaboration with the European Family Friendly Network, an initiative of the European Large Familian Confederation to promote the cities selected for the excellence of their family support policies. It is worth remembering that in February Castellón became the first provincial capital in Spain to enter this network thanks to the work carried out by the Department of Family and Children created in August 2023 with the arrival of the new government.

Presentations and round tables

The day will begin at 9 a.m. and simultaneous activities will take place in the Menador and in the Huerto Sogueros plaza. In the Menador, three presentations, two round tables and two project presentations will be held successively throughout the morning, all of them by experts and professionals who work in the family field and who will deal with different approaches to issues related to the family. and all its areas.

Center stage

In the Huerto Sogueros square there will be a stage where different performances will take place throughout the morning. At 10:00 a.m. the Caudiel cultural association will perform a sketch under the title ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’; and at 11:00 a.m. there will be a magic and humor performance.

At 12:00 p.m. the central moment of the event will arrive in which the Manifesto in Defense of the Family will be read. The councilor has indicated that this reading will serve to highlight that “it is an important task of the institutions to recognize the role of the family as one of the fundamental pillars of society and one of the main axes of municipal policy.”

Afterwards there will be three musical performances. The first of them will be carried out by the group Tetuán 14 and Music Boxes, coordinated through the Youth Department. Next, it will be the turn of the musical performance by the Templo Cristiano la Hermosa and, finally, the performance of the Castalia Choir will take place through the Department of Senior Citizens.

Space for entities

On the other hand, also in the Huerto Sogueros square, a space will be set up in which the different attending associations will set up their information tables to publicize the initiatives they carry out. In this same space there will be a table where fruit, water and various sweets will be distributed with the aim of livening up the day and which will be coordinated by the Gremi de Forners.

With the help of the FANUCAS large families association, different activities will take place in this space, such as a theater and bracelet workshop, storytelling, face painting or balloon games, among others, in which the little ones can enjoy. The mayor also highlighted that there will be a childcare service from the beginning to the end of the event.

More than 20 entities

The event will feature the participation of more than 20 social and religious entities from Castellón. In this sense, the councilor explained that “we wanted to involve various entities in Castellón that are related to the dissemination of values in the family environment to give them all the support and dissemination possible and to be able to exchange ideas that help to continue defending the family from the municipal level.”

The entities that will attend are ProVida Castellón (pro-life association), ANEFAM (Association for the Attention of the Needs of Families and Elders of the Valencian Community), Red Cross Castellón, Social Initiative Foundation, Down Syndrome Castellón, Cáritas, Ilewasi, SPAM (Psycho-pedagogical Service for care minor), Caudiel Cultural Association, Amigó Foundation, AVAF (Association of Family Foster Care Volunteers), AVAFAM (Valencian Association of Large Families), APNAC (Association of Parents of People with Autism of Castellón), Red Cross, FANUCAS (Large Families of Castellón), Community Health Foundation, Official College of Social Educators, APADAHCAS (Association of Parents of People Affected by ADHD of Castellón), Single Families, Police-Comunica Jove, Family and Life Delegation of the Segorbe-Castellón Diocese, Evangelical Temple Church Christian the Beautiful, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, New Life Evangelical Church and El Cau

The Councilor for Family and Childhood of Castellón de la Plana, Alberto Vidal, has presented the programming of the 1st Family Festival, which will take place in the Menador and in the Huerto Sogueros square on May 18. “With this initiative we want to highlight the fundamental role of the family in society, since it is an institution prior to the state, which is why we must place it at the center of municipal public policies” indicated the councilor.

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