Cardinal Basseti, president of Italian bishops: "Large families are real heroes of our days"

In a video for the Italian Large families Association, Cardinal Gualtiero Gassetti, Archbishop of Perugia and President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, addresses his thanks and blessing to large families, as “true heroes” of this time. A caress for all the large families, particularly those most struggling:

“Dear friends, in this contingent, I want to pay special attention to the numerous families who have many children of our Diocese but also of all those who listen to us. I am thinking in particular of mothers, there are also pregnant women, with small children to follow. Many of them are very tired – I can say this because I talked with some of them on the phone – almost exhausted. They can’t go out, they have to follow their children in their homework, children who are in more than one class.

Large families who often live in 80sqm without even a terrace, because 60% of Italian houses have no terrace. And most of the dads, and we hope so, are away on business.
And where dad lost his job, the problems increase, even more so. Families who don’t have the money to pay for a babysitter.

These mothers, these dads, like so many health workers and so many priests, are real heroes of our days and maybe we don’t think about it enough.

Dear fathers, dear mothers, numerous brothers and sisters, especially young children: you too, together with the doctors, nurses, priests, are our heroes. I want to repeat it, also in the name of the Holy Father who, as you know it, carries in his heart all the Italian families, especially the large ones: I thank you and I bless you.”

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