Brothers and Sisters Day

On May 31, ELFAC welcomes Brothers and Sisters Day, urging all member associations and their associates to openly celebrate the date in their respective countries and their communities.

The experience of APFN, our Portuguese member association, is very stimulating, confirming the great potential of social affirmation of this idea. ELFAC has good reasons to congratulate itself on the experience firstly launched on May 31, 2014 and the decision taken at the general meeting of September 18, 2014 to continue Europe-wide the institution of Brothers and Sisters Day.

Brothers Day is a day when we celebrate the spirit of families in a perspective of great solidarity, identity and sharing. We welcome all families, from families without children or with one or two children to larger families. Large families with three or more children are those who live more intensely the special dynamism of siblings and the great variety and richness of their relationships.

We are sure that with the imagination of each one and by the joy and inspiration of our families, Brothers and Sisters Day, May 31, will become, year after year, an ever stronger and brighter social reality in our communities, in our European countries.

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