Best Practices

Birth incentive: Storks Program

1. Name of the practice

Storks Program

2. City


3. Years in operation

Since 2016

4. Objectives

This municipal project aims to support families, boost and intensify a set of incentives to settle and attract people to the Municipality, encourage births, as well as support the local economy, since co-payments can only be made in commercial establishments based in in the territorial district.

5. Description - overwiew

This birth incentive measure is implemented through the attribution of a subsidy whose value depends on the parents’ income, in the event of the birth of a baby in the Municipality of Soure.

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6. Field of application

Tariffs and economic support (public tariffs and benefits)

7. Target

Birth Incentive

8. Budget

Tariffs and economic support (public tariffs and benefits)

9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes

This project has been receiving applications and has proved to be a fruitful means of encouraging an increase in birth rates and supporting families