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Reiki for cancer patients and family

1. Name of the practice

Reiki para doentes oncológicos e família

2. City


3. Years in operation


4. Objectives

Looking for natural, complementary solutions that take care of the person as a whole is increasingly being an attitude not only of those who are going through cancer but also by their own family and by some health professionals. One of these answers is Reiki because it is a natural therapy, without indications, which as complementary therapy, promotes the harmony and balance of the person before and after the chemical treatment sessions, his empowerment, besides being able to be accessible to family members.

5. Description - overwiew

It is intended to offer Reiki therapy to all cancer patients and their families, as well as, health professionals, users of the office of psychooncology.

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6. Field of application

Health (life style; social and medical support; vulnerable families)

7. Target

All families with cancer patients

8. Budget

0€ (Collaboration protocol concluded with the Portuguese Cancer League and the Portuguese Association of Reiki)

9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes

Reduce the high rates of psychopathological disorders that greatly hinder the process of full recovery of these patients.