Best Practices

Psychological Support to Firefighters and Paramedics

1. Name of the practice

Psychological Support to Firefighters and Paramedics

2. City


3. Years in operation

2023 –

4. Objectives

To promote mental health and a better work-life balance

5. Description - overwiew

The Municipality of Felgueiras provides psychological support to firefighters and paramedics at their own workplace, avoiding absentism and allowing them a better management of their time. It is a service that runs for a better work-life balance

6. Field of application

-Services (motherhood and fatherhood support; work-life balance support; sport, leisure, free time, training and education)

-Health (life style; social and medical support; vulnerable families)

7. Target

Firefighters and paramedics

8. Budget

One human resource twice a week

9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes

Less absenteeism; More emotional balance among the members of the teams