Best Practices

Professional Social Service and Coordination Center for the Family

1. Name of the practice

Professional Social Service and Coordination Center for the Family

2. City


3. Years in operation

2011 –

4. Objectives

General objective: promotion of the psycho-educational-social well-being of the individual, the family and the community. Specific objectives: primary prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles as an alternative to deviant lifestyles; prevention and promotion of the culture of non-violence; favor and stimulate the protagonism of young people; planning and programming family-friendly actions; foster networking between municipal sectors and territorial services and the third sector so as to promote parenthood and implement integrated projects aimed at the well-being of the community.

5. Description - overwiew

Our Municipality is the area head of the PLUS of the Ozieri Health District and houses the headquarters of the “Lares” family center which offers a whole series of interventions in favor of minors, young people, families and communities in terms of promoting social well-being. psycho-educational of the individual and of the community to which they belong. The Center mainly operates on two levels of specialist and primary prevention and works in a network with the municipal Social Services, the ASL Services, the Scholastic Institutions and other training/educational agencies in the area and with the third sector.

6. Field of application

-Services (motherhood and fatherhood support; work-life balance support; sport, leiseure, free time, training and education)

7. Target

Children, teenagers, parents, grandparents

8. Budget

Funds of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and Municipal funds

9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes

Over the years various results have been achieved in terms of integration between services, managing to offer a broader response to the needs of individuals and families. The social impact is positive; the need for continuous and constant investments is recognised in order to consolidate the results achieved and to guarantee the pursuit of new objectives in accordance with the continuous evolution of the needs of families and the community.