Best Practices

Municipal Health

1. Name of the practice

Municipal Health

2. City

Angra do Heroísmo

3. Years in operation

Since 2020

4. Objectives

The “Haja Saúde Municipal”, includes:

  •  Cognitive Training: Training of memory, attention, language, calculation, reasoning, spatial perception, Training of Daily Life Activities, Reality Orientation Therapy (TOR), reminiscences, social and environmental intervention modality, among others. 
  • Mobility Training: Basic Activities of Daily Living Training; balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance exercises.
  •  Hydrotherapy Sessions: The hydrotherapy sessions, aimed at users of the council’s social centers, take place at the Municipal Swimming Pools of Angra do Heroísmo between October and June, between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm, and are completely free.
  • Nutrition and food workshops: These sessions last 1 hour and 30 minutes and their main objective is nutritional education directed towards the nutritional needs of the elderly. In these sessions, the importance of nutrition is reinforced as a means of preventing/controlling diseases and strengthening the immune system, as well as its importance in maintaining muscle mass and bone density, which are often related to an increased risk of fractures in this age group. age. Practical activities are also carried out, such as tasting flavored waters, in order to promote water intake, as hydration is often compromised at these ages, due to changes in the thirst reflex. The bases for carrying out a healthy diet based on the Portuguese Food Wheel are recalled and at the end a game is played with questions related to the topics addressed, entitled “Who wants to be healthy”. These sessions are mostly focused on the area of food, but other topics that affect premature aging are also addressed, such as sleep quality and physical activity.


  •  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
  •  World Libraries Day • World Brain Day
  • World Grandparents’ Day
  • World Alzheimer’s Day & World Gratitude Day
  • World Heart Day
  • World Day for the Elderly
  • World Diabetes Day
  • World Day of Human Solidarity 

5. Description - overwiew

Haja Saúde Municipal” is aimed at seniors who attend community centres, day centers or nursing homes, with the main purpose of promoting active, healthy and successful aging and delaying the onset of physical and cognitive disabilities, through a direct accompaniment in all its dimensions: biological, psychological and social. Commemorative dates are also marked and other leisure and educational activities are developed.

6. Field of application

Services (motherhood and fatherhood support; work-life balance support; sport, leiseure, free time, training and education)

Health (life style; social and medical support; vulnerable families)

7. Target


8. Budget


9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes