Best Practices

Mentor House for premature babies and their families

1. Name of the practice

Mentor House for premature babies and their families

2. City


3. Years in operation

2018 –

4. Objectives

This House would like to ease the mental and psychological burden of the affected families and to give them information about the further opportunities.

5. Description - overwiew

The main profile of the house is to provide complex free of charge advisory and consultative services for the families who face with this special situation. The families can access the following services: skill development sessions, grief therapy, psychological and mental hygiene counseling, family consultation, physiotherapy and conductive pedagogy.

6. Field of application

Health, services

7. Target

Children and their families.

8. Budget


9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes

The Mentor House effectively contributed to the high quality professional care of these families in regional level.