Best Practices

Intergeneration Centre

1. Name of the practice

Intergeneration Centre

2. City


3. Years in operation

2022 –

4. Objectives

Delay the institutionalisation of senior people, to promote the change of experiences between the young and senior people; to teach and be taught by each group; Cherish the experiences of older people; to allow work-life balance support to parents

5. Description - overwiew

The Intergeneration Centre allows that children, teenagers and their grandparents socialize during the day, learning with each others. Traditions and new ways of life are explored, allowing people gather together exchanging experiences and different perspectives about society.

6. Field of application



7. Target

Children, teenagers and grandparents

8. Budget

20 000€

9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes

We have more than 60 old people at the centre each day and we have almost 40 children that come to the Centre, mainly during school holidays.