Best Practices

Giving recognition by gifting

1. Name of the practice

Giving recognition by gifting

2. City


3. Years in operation

2018 –

4. Objectives

To strenghten the parochialism and to confirm well-working families.

5. Description - overwiew

The Municipality of Szolnok Town of County Rank welcomes the newborn babies, the 18 year-old young adults, young married couples and couples celebrating their 50’th wedding anniversary with presents.

6. Field of application

Involvement of families, events.

7. Target

All age groups

8. Budget

15.000.000 HUF (44.387 EUR)

9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes

The presents of newborn babies and 18-year-old young adults are useful everyday objects. The presents of the young married couples and those who celebrate their 50’th wedding anniversary help to realization of family fest/celebration. It results in stronger parochialism and awareness of identity.