Best Practices

Family Mediation

1. Name of the practice

Family Mediation

2. City


3. Years in operation

2019 –

4. Objectives

The main objective is to support parenthood.


5. Description - overwiew

Meetings with psychologist and family mediators for parents with sons under the age of 18.
Family mediation is an intervention to support parenting which provides a path for the reorganization of family relationships in view of or following a separation or divorce. The intent of the path is to allow the parental couple to share an agreement that allows the maintenance and continuity of relationships with their children and to exercise both parental responsibility.
The intervention is led by an expert operator for a maximum of 10/12 meetings. The Family Mediator, in guaranteeing professional secrecy and independently from the judicial system, works to ensure that the partners personally develop a separation program for themselves and their children in which they can exercise common parental responsibility.
– for parents with an ISEE Minor value up to € 25,000.00, the intervention is free
– for parents with an ISEE Minor value greater than € 25,000.00, a participation will be provided to cover 50% of the total cost of the intervention.

6. Field of application


7. Target

The recipients of the service are the parents, of which at least one resident / domiciled in the Municipalities of the Social Zone n. 2 (Perugia, Corciano and Torgiano), who are faced with a separative event and who decide to make use of the service spontaneously or invited to do so by the Social Services or Territorial Health and Social Services or by the Judicial Authority (Ordinary Court or Court for Juvenile).

8. Budget

9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes

The intervention has started in 2019, and it’s still ongoing. For this reason we still have no data related to the impact.