Best Practices

Extended stay program for children in primary school

1. Name of the practice

Extended stay program for children in primary school

2. City


3. Years in operation

1996 –

4. Objectives

Give proper pedagogical and educational care for youngest school children.

5. Description - overwiew

The modern way of life imposes on an increasing number of parents that have a need for the care of younger school children after completing their regular classes. An extended stay as a non-compulsory form of education is carried out outside of regular teaching and has its pedagogical, educational, health and social values, and is certainly one of the models that tackles this problem in a quality and systematic manner, especially in urban environments.

Expenses for teachers in extended program are secured in City budget.

Primary schools organize extended stays for the needs of their students in first, second and third grade and exceptionally in forth grade of primary school.

6. Field of application

Services (education, work-family balance).

7. Target

Children and parents.

8. Budget

50.000.000,00 kn annually (6.705.306 EUR)

9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes

Over 13.000 students included in extended day program.