Best Practices

Design Contest “Residents create their own environment”

1. Name of the practice

Design Contest “Residents create their own environment”

2. City


3. Years in operation

2015 –

4. Objectives

he aim of the project is to improve the quality of life in Vecumnieki county, both in the physical and social fields, with the private initiative of the inhabitants of the county, as well as to promote responsibility for improving the environment and quality of life by involving citizens in public work, developing cooperation between local community, municipality and entrepreneurs.

5. Description - overwiew

In 2015 in Vecumnieki was created ice rink , where in winter the residents can skate and play hockey. Within the framework of the project, square edges were constructed on the ice rink, water connection was established and reinforced concrete columns were installed, to which the lanterns were attached, so that the area can be used also in the dark hours of the day. Ice rink is actively used by children, pupils after school hours and holidays, and adults.

The best project of 2016 is the restoration of a wooden gazebo in Kurmene Park, thus preserving the ancient appearance of Kurmene Park, and the construction of a wooden staircase on the bank of the River MÄ“mele. The landscaped park is a relaxing and walking place for families, while a wooden staircase is useful for boaters wishing to land on the banks of the River Memes.

In 2018, a project where parents set up a playground for children in a courtyard apartment, and a sports ground for youth, where basketball and football can be played, was won. The biggest benefit in the project is for families with children, because at last children have the opportunity to spend time in games and games near their home. Young people are happy to have the opportunity to spend their free time playing the ball on the new sports field.

More information about the project competition can be found on the website of Vecumnieki County Council

6. Field of application

Urbanism and environment; involvement of families.

7. Target

The target audience is the residents, guests and tourists of Vecumnieki County. But mostly in this project involved families who living in Vecumnieki county, because they can evaluate and use the work done on a daily basis

8. Budget

The total funding available for the project competition is EUR 9600 per year, the total number of projects to be supported is 12 projects, the grant for each project is up to EUR 800.00.

9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes

Every year, 12 projects to clean up the environment and living space are approved within the framework of the competition; measures.