Best Practices

Daycare institution for young autistic adults

1. Name of the practice

Daycare institution for young autistic adults

2. City


3. Years in operation

2019 –

4. Objectives

The main goal is to provide a previously absent social supply for a sensitive target group. It is also an important objective to facilitate the working possibilities of the parents.

5. Description - overwiew

In Kecskemét there is a high quality education system for autistic children including kindergarten, primary school and vocational school. Unfortunatelly after finishing the education, it is a seroius challenge to find a proper institution which can be appropiate for the professional care of these persons. Therefore the Municipality created a niche institution which can guarantee the highest quality social daycare for young autistic adults.

6. Field of application

Health and services.

7. Target

Young adults and their families.

8. Budget

1.000.000 EUR

9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes

The capacity of the institution is 24 young autistic adults, and 24 young adults with mild intellectual disability. The occupancy is 100%.