Best Practices

Co-financing Program of attending day-care

1. Name of the practice

Co-financing Program of attending day-care

2. City


3. Years in operation

1991 –

4. Objectives

To provide professional care for the youngest citizens which includes the most up-to-date educational elements in order to ensure equal access to preschool education

5. Description - overwiew

Due to the legislation in Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb is founder of more than 60 day-cares for which ensure co-financing of economic price for parents. Families with more children have higher share of co-financing.

The City of Zagreb, depending on income per member of the joint household, provides between 1.300,00 and 1.750,00 kn per month per child and parents are paying between 150,00 and 600,00 kn per month.

More than 36.000 children every year attend day-care and the City of Zagreb ensure more than 839.000.000,00 kn every year for co-financing.

6. Field of application

Economic support.

7. Target


8. Budget

839.000.000,00 kn annually (112.538.277 EUR)

9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes

More than 36.000 children in day-care.