Best Practices

Allowance for stay-at-home parents

1. Name of the practice

Allowance for stay-at-home parents

2. City


3. Years in operation

2016 –

4. Objectives

Provide access to family services, provide support for child development at an early age, to provide compensation for the economic cost of children to reduce the gap in living standards.

5. Description - overwiew

Parents with three or more children who are unemployed have the opportunity to get monthly allowance from the City of Zagreb if they do not have any income, live in City of Zagreb 5 years prior to admitting claim, other parent is living in Zagreb, youngest child is not attending preschool and other children who are supposed to go to elementary school are attending it in City of Zagreb or in Zagreb County.

6. Field of application

Economic support.

7. Target


8. Budget

290.000.000 kn per year (38.900.938 EUR)

9 Evaluation - impact - outcomes

Increase of newborns in City of Zagreb. On average, there are 50 new users every month.