Large families should be seen as a modern, sensible way forward

by “Colin Brazier” As a father-of-six, I know that multiple children are a great blessing both to society and to their relatives, so ignore the critics, writes Colin Brazier To all appearances, I don’t have much in common with Dr Yoni Birnbaum. He’s bearded, I’m clean shaven. He’s Jewish, I’m Catholic. He’s married, I’m … Read more

Report of the Network of Family Friendly Municipalities in Italy

Two years after its constitution, a reflection by its Coordinators: Mauro Ledda and Filomena Cappiello Dear, Just over two years have passed since the founding ceremony of the ” Network Family in Italy ” held on 6 October 2018 with three founding members: Anfn, the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Municipality of Alghero. The goal is to … Read more

10 parenting strategies to reduce your kids’ pandemic stress

by Parents are dealing with huge demands on their time and energy. Children may not be attending school or involved in regular activities. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on families, routines have collapsed, patience is wearing thin and self-care is a distant memory. Decades of research have taught us that adversity during childhood has damaging effects on health and … Read more

Trzy Plus association: Research on having many children in Poland

The subject of having many children in terms of the availability of data and scientific materials is very little developed in Poland. Therefore, the Large Families Association of Poland, has taken steps to collect and compile this information. Inspired by the research carried out in Germany on the population of large families in 2019, the Large … Read more

Recovery Plan: Anfn and ELFAC write to the Italian Prime Minister

Families with children have always been the ones who suffer the most and pay for crises of any kind. Within the European Commission’s “Annual Strategy for Sustainable Growth”, there is a practical guide to what Europe expects to find in the “Recovery and Resilience” plans of individual states. The Presidents respectively of the Italian Association … Read more

The German association of large families turns 10

Thanks to the enthusiasm, persistence and confidence over the years, a small idea emerged into a well-functioning association that is diverse in its work – a lively actor in Germany’s association landscape. In January 2021, The German association of large families has turned 10. In occasion of this event, they released a series of best … Read more

Fighting child poverty in European cities

European cities urge social investment to prevent a lost generation of children By Eurocities With roughly one in four children in the EU currently at risk of poverty or social exclusion, recent data collected by the Eurocities network shows that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on children. Even before the pandemic, child … Read more

Latvia: Welfare Minister Petraviča promises to pay a benefit of 500 euros for each child by March 31

Amendments to the Law on Coping with the Consequences of Covid-19 Infection, prepared by the Ministry of Welfare, have been submitted for consideration at the government meeting, the aim of which is to provide one-time support to families with children. The draft law stipulates that a benefit of 500 euros will be paid for a … Read more

Watch here our visit to Zagreb in the virtual tour of family friendly municipalities

WEBINAR: THE VIRTUAL TOUR OF EUROPEAN FAMILY FRIENDLY MUNICIPALITIES ORGANIZED BY:  With the support of: Due to Covid19 crisis, the activities of the Network turn on line, to share best practices, information and a family friendly culture.  GOAL: To visit European family-friendly municipalities and learn about their best practices, and how they reach for the … Read more

Large families in Spain, discriminated against in the new maternity pension supplement

The Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN) has criticized that the new supplement for children in the pension, which the Government has just approved, recognizes only up to the fourth child, which clearly discriminates against families with five or more children. The new maternity supplement in pensions is a reformulation of the one that women … Read more

The State of Carinthia (Austria) receives award from the IFFD for promoting family values

The decision of the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) was justified with the efforts of Carinthia to make the federal state the most child and family-friendly region in Europe. The award ceremony will take place as part of a virtual conference, organized by the IFFD in New York, in the presence of numerous international … Read more

European Commission launches debate on responding to the impact of an ageing population

By European Commission The European Commission today presented a green paper to launch a broad policy debate on the challenges and opportunities of Europe’s ageing society. It sets out the impact of this pronounced demographic trend across our economy and society and invites the public to express their views on how to respond to this in a public … Read more