Germany: Families with many children can be a protective factor in crises and thus a source of happiness and well-being

Study shows that families with many children are more resilient in crisis situations By Verband Kinderreicher Familien Deutschland Mönchengladbach, 06.02.2024. In crisis situations, it has been shown that families with many children are more resilient than smaller families. In particular, families with three or more children in the household have survived the coronavirus pandemic better – … Read more

Italy: Resolutions for Family and Birth Support

In Campania, a regional plan was approved allocating 30 million euros to aid in supporting birthrates and families By Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Numerose This morning at 11:00 a.m. in the Campania Region, together with the president of the Campania Episcopal Conference, Msgr. Di Donna, the Bishop in charge of Family Pastoral Care Msgr. Lagnese assisted … Read more

‘DINK’ Couples Should Rethink Their Anti-Child Views

Don’t listen to proudly and deliberately childless Double-Income, No Kids (DINK) couples: Children are good for marriage and for society. By National Review Several TikTok videos about DINKs have gone viral recently. They feature self-described DINK (double-income, no kids) couples, proudly talking about their child-free and carefree life, which includes spontaneous vacations and “snobby hobbies like skiing and golfing.” … Read more

Chinese Demographers Propose Reshaping Fertility Support Policies

Promotion for population growth and support for childbearing women in China after long-term population decline By People’s Daily Online Chinese demographers on Tuesday proposed reshaping fertility support policies to support childbearing women to give birth and promote high-quality population development in response to the established reality of long-term negative population growth in the country. The … Read more

Three Municipalities Join Italian Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities

Marsciano, Deruta and Collazzone officially become National Family Friendly Municipalities On Saturday, January 20, a beautiful afternoon was spent in Marsciano to celebrate the delivery of the certifications to the municipal administrations, Francesca Mele Mayor of Marsciano, Michele Toniaccini Mayor of Deruta and Anna Lacchettini Mayor of Collazzone, by Mauro Ledda National Coordinator of the … Read more

France: Decrease in Fertility Rate Despite Desire for Children

According to the Union of Family Associations, the average number of children desired is 2.27 yet birthrates are still declining By Familles Durables On the eve of the publication of The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) demographic report, which will confirm a steady decline in fertility since 2010, Union of Family Associations … Read more

Italy Research: The Children’s Gap Weighs on the Lives of Large Families

For 84 percent of households, accessing credit to purchase a home is impossible. Extra costs and zero protections increase feelings of being discriminated against. Eighty-four out of every 100 “large families” see access to home loans as a real nightmare. But before that, they complain of significant difficulties in finding sufficiently cozy housing, even to … Read more

Greek PM Declares ‘National Danger’ Over Birth Decline

Kyriakos Mitsotakis addresses Greece’s declining birthrate  Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Tuesday said the country’s declining birth rate constituted a “national danger” as data showed the population falling by over a million by 2050. Greece effectively recorded just one birth per two deaths in 2022, Mitsotakis told a demographics conference, adding that a “national … Read more

Global Demography Expert Survey on the Drivers and Consequences of Demographic Change

Abstract from the report Insight into the future of the world population is key for policy planning. At present, several organisations engage in developing global long-term population projections and provide varied results in terms of projected population size and structures. This diversity demonstrates that there is a need to reflect on the ingredients that feed … Read more

Third Regional Convention of the Family Network in Italy

747,227 people in Sardinia live in municipalities or organizations that are members of the Network On October 14th, Nuoro hosted the Third Regional Convention of the Family Network in Italy, during which, 14 more municipalities on the island were certified as Family-friendly networks. A total of 348,671 people now live in the certified Sardinian municipalities, … Read more