Alghero (Italy): free nurseries in 2022, € 5.5 million for contributions

Commitments in support of families, pillar of the island’s social identity, have been confirmed

Sardinia shows more and more attention to families and the future of its land. Below is the press release of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

The Council, on the proposal of the Regional Councilor for Hygiene and Health and Social Welfare, approved the “Free Nursery” program for 2022 to support families with children in the range aged from zero to three years. The measure provides for a contribution for the reduction of costs for the attendance of nests, micronids, spring sections, home nurseries and company, public and private nurseries, whether with agreements with the Municipalities or not.

“With this provision we confirm our strong commitment to support families”, declares the President of the Region, Christian Solinas. “The development of a system of interventions and services functional to the needs of citizens in the various stages of life, including early childhood and the choice of parenthood, in particular in the difficult work-life balance, is one of the strategic objectives of the Regional Plan services to the person “, underlines the President, recalling that the ‘Free Nursery’ program received a loan of 5.5 million euros per year for the three-year period 2021-2023, confirmed for the three-year period 2022-2024 in the latest law financial.

“We are talking about an undoubtedly important measure, also due to the economic crisis exacerbated by the pandemic,” said the regional health councilor, Mario Nieddu. “What we are proposing – underlines the councilor – is a ‘generative’ welfare model, where the family is a resource to invest in through interventions capable of improving the quality of life and producing positive effects on the entire community”.

Free Nursery integrates with the Nursery Bonus provided by INPS and can be requested by families who have applied for the national measure and have already been eligible for the latter. Applications must be submitted to the Municipalities in which the facilities that offer the services used for early childhood are located. In order to be eligible for the measure, the family unit’s ISEE must not exceed 40 thousand euros. The regional contribution will be equal to the difference between the amount of the fee minus the Inps Nursery Bonus, up to the coverage of the service costs and in any case within a maximum of 2,200 euros, divided into 11 monthly payments of 200 euros.

“The support of Free Nursery Schools can be combined with other forms of contribution, such as the voucher tool to cover expenses for socio-educational services for early childhood, such as summer nurseries or playrooms. A complementary measure that the Council has recently renewed with the approval of the new guidelines and which further expands the panorama of intervention strategies in favor of families “, concludes Councilor Nieddu.

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