Access City Award

Since 2010, the European Commission has organised the Access City Award, in collaboration with the European Disability Forum, to reward EU cities that have prioritised accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Accessibility improves the quality of life of everyone, but it is indispensable for more than 100 million EU citizens with disabilities to have equal access to fundamental rights and to all the cities have to offer. 

A city is accessible when persons with disabilities can, for instance:

  • get information (online and offline).
  • use transport (e.g., buses, trams, metros) and its related infrastructure.
  • enjoy public spaces, like parks and playgrounds.
  • get in and around buildings like the city hall, library and sports hall, and access to their services

Why an Access City Award?

The Access City Award is part of the EU’s wider efforts to make life better for persons with disabilities through the Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030 and the European Pillar of Social Rights.

This award remains a key example of the Commission working hand in hand with other government levels to turn this commitment to inclusion into a reality for persons with disabilities across the EU.

The Access City Award is an EU initiative that

  • recognises efforts by cities to become more accessible
  • promotes equal access to urban life for people with disabilities
  • allows local authorities to promote and share their best practices

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The winner and runners-up will receive a monetary prize:

  • 1st place: EUR 150 000
  • 2nd place: EUR 120 000
  • 3rd place: EUR 80 000

In addition, the EU Jury may decide to award up to five “Special Mentions” if there are cities that have done exceptional work in a particular key area of accessibility (e.g., built environment and public space, transport and related infrastructure, information and communication, including ICT or public facilities and services).

This year, the European Commission also intends to award an ‘Accessible Sports Infrastructure’ Special Mention to a city that demonstrates how they feature accessibility in their sports infrastructure. 

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