A European demonstration calling for child-friendly streets

The event, promoted throughout Europe, calls for the construction of school roads in front of schools, to have safer places for children to move and play.

The initiative is promoted by the Clean Cities campaign, a European coalition that aims to change the mobility of cities by moving to more sustainable and active forms by 2030.

Improving air quality, clearing roads in front of schools from cars and promoting active home-school travel is another goal of the Clean Cities campaign and the #StreetsForKids initiative.

Moreover, reducing the presence of cars near schools really improves the quality of the air that children breathe. In support of this thesis, for example, there is all the work carried out by the University of Milan through the Mapsmi project, presented by Dr. Luca Boniardi on the occasion of the webinar dedicated to the promotion of school roads organized by Bikenomist in collaboration with Metalco.

The Clean Cities #StreetsForKids event of 6 May 2022 – organized by the School Streets Coordinator Anna Becchi – was created specifically to raise awareness among families and administrations on the issue, asking children to take to the streets for a day and regain possession of the space to play, move and have fun.

All cities or schools that want to join the initiative can fill out the form on the site, download communication materials and follow the organizers’ instructions.

And the coordinator of the Clean Cities campaign for Italy Claudio Magliulo will be present in Reggio Emilia at MobilitARS 2022, on 26 and 27 May, to illustrate the results of the initiatives for the promotion of school roads that the coalition is carrying out throughout Europe.

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