Trentino (Italy) is a laboratory on family policies and social cohesion

The third edition of the Provincial Conference of the institutional representatives of the Family Districts was held on 15 February In recent years, the 20 family districts have grown and have been fueled by a lot of passion, cohesion and dedication. The meeting talked about actions for territorial well-being, self-evaluation, measurement systems, training and goals … Read more

City Family Project in Perugia (Italy) – A year of initiatives

The Family Hub initiative was launched in recent months, as part of the larger Urban Agenda Family City project promoted by the Municipality of Perugia together with a range of very active associations in the area. Among these, the Italian Large Families Association (ANFN) could not be missing, with its set of skills and experiences … Read more

Poland: The ministry of Family and Social Policy will reward municipalities for their pro-family policies

The Ministry of Family and Social Policy is starting the second edition of the “Self-government PRO FAMILIA” competition, which aims to promote pro-family activities carried out by municipalities. – The pro-family policy is to strengthen the family as well as create a positive image of the family. We want to distinguish local governments that perform these tasks … Read more

Large family card to be valid across Baltic countries

The Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian competent authorities have signed an agreement on cooperation in implementation of the Family Card programmes in all three Baltic States The large families and families raising a child with disabilities holding the Lithuania’s Seimos Kortele will receive privileges, while the same applies for honorary family certificate 3+ Goda Gimenes Karte in Latvia, and family … Read more