Finland continues to have lowest birth rate in Nordics

The birth rate has dropped more sharply in Finland than in the other Nordic countries. With women in Finland having 1.4 children on average last year, the country’s birth rate remains the lowest in the Nordic region, fresh figures from Statistics Finland show. Finland’s birth rate has been in decline since 1990, when the average … Read more

81 Portuguese municipalities were awarded for having "family friendly policies"

More than two million Portuguese families live in the 81 municipalities which received this year’s green flag for having family-friendly policies awarded by the Observatory for the Family Friendly Municipalities (OAFR), promoted by the Portuguese Large Families Association. Six of these municipalities have received the award  for the 12th time: Angra do Heroísmo, Cantanhede, Torres … Read more

Supporting Families and Children Beyond COVID-19

Social protection in Southern and Eastern Europe and Central Asia By UNICEF (August 2020) Author(s): Dominic Richardson; Victor Cebotari; Alessandro Carraro; Kaku Attah Damoah Discussions around the effects of the COVID-19 crisis and its impacts and costs are moving swiftly from health concerns to economic and social concerns. The ways in which countries are dealing with COVID-19 itself, through social lockdowns … Read more

Car seats as birth control? A new study explains the decline in three-child families

Could child safety seat regulations act as an unintended form of birth control? By That’s the assertion of two professors in a study called “Car seats as contraception.” First reported by The Economist this week, the study found that increasingly restrictive child car seat laws have led to fewer families with three children between 1973 and … Read more